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Do you feel it? That fire…that energy…that BOOM!

Warriors! When Powur was created, we knew it wouldn’t just be a small idea, it would be a revolutionary system.

Each day, we commit to creating a world that works for all life, in hopes of leaving a better world than we found it, for future generations.



Evolution was no different. From new product rollouts and updates, to a top industry leadership panel, to new branding and marketing assets, an amazing keynote session and who can forget the lightning strikes? Evolution was more than just a virtual convention, it was truly the beginning of a revolution.



With more than 4,800 active independent solar sales consultants and 120+ solar installers using our platform servicing 14 states, we continue to grow, expand and develop this platform into a complete energy system that will accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy worldwide.



You help us grow. You join us in the fight against utilities. You build strong teams full of compassionate and dedicated leaders who believe in the Powur mission. You are POWUR!


Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a cleaner earth. There is so much more work to be done, but I’m optimistic that we will make a huge difference together.


We couldn’t do this without you, let’s get it done!


–Jonathan Budd

Take action.
It's go time!

The true measure of success of ANY event is the action you take AFTER the event. With SO much to learn and to absorb, Evolution left us all feeling fired up and ready to go, but you might be wondering where to start, right? Well, we've made it easy for you. Here's how you can take action TODAY and make the first quarter of 2022 your best one yet!

Powur’s First Impact Journey!

The contest for Powur’s First Impact Journey is ON! From January 15 through March 31, you will have the opportunity to accumulate credits and earn a spot among the warriors who will travel to Mexico in late April. We will WORK HARD and PLAY HARD and you do not want to miss this first-every journey of a lifetime.

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Freedom Tour 2022

Powur is hitting the road! Corporate hosts and the best performing national and local leaders of Powur are coming to markets near you. Invite your guests and build your business in our growing markets — California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and more stops to come.

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Powur World

In person is the new black! After three years of virtual conventions, the time has come to go back to being physically together to improve your business, elevate your game, and share with the Powur Community. Early bird pricing is available until MONDAY AT MIDNIGHT ONLY! Do not wait. Lock in your spot now.

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Lightning strikes–

Lightning Strikes; an exciting new announcement of a product or service with disruptive potential! We believe that shorter cycle times, easy-to-scale solar organizations, and doubling our markets won’t just disrupt our platform. It’ll disrupt the entire solar industry!

Powur Virtual Site Survey (VSS)

How does shorter cycle times and faster M1 payments sound? Pretty amazing, right? Introducing a new feature on the Powur mobile app that allows sellers and homeowners to collect all the information needed to process a site survey instantaneously! Plus your COGS will be lowered by $75 for each approved VSS. This means faster installs for you and so much more!
Don't miss our deep dive on VSS at our next Masterclass Immersive on February 2, 2022, included in your Powur.Live membership.

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Enterprise Rollout - The Future of Solar for Organizations!

Welcome to a groundbreaking platform designed for solar organizations to scale. This new platform will help you attract large sales organizations to the Powur Platform and enable them to manage their operations more efficiently in one place. This release has the potential to significantly boost your Powur business with countless organizations needing the power of the Powur platform! Enterprise Beta rolls out this week. Watch for more in-depth training on how you can leverage this game-changing release in your own business.

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New Market Rollout

Wait, what?!? Did Ethan Miller say we are going to be doubling the number of Powur markets in 2022? That’s right! And you heard it from Bobby first — we’re starting with three new states right out of the gate. Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois are the first of our new markets in 2022 and will be opening in Q1. Watch for Freedom Tour events in these markets, reach out to anyone you know and build, build, build in our newest markets!

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New product rollouts & product updates

Wow!! We heard a lot this weekend about how Powur is a platform, actually THE platform, empowering growth in this thriving industry.

We heard from several of our system partners and manufacturers about new options available to our sellers—higher efficiency batteries, more attractive financing options, lower priced panels and more! Watch for Knowledge Base pages and more detailed training coming soon.

SolarEdge Energy Bank

Introducing the new SolarEdge Energy Bank, a flexible battery system that allows two batteries per inverter and up to 20kWhrs. This battery has superior efficiency, with 6% more energy than an AC-coupled solution. With its exceptional power, even with just one battery, homeowners can run more appliances during a blackout. One of the best parts? Homeowners can track and manage everything from the app, mySolarEdge, giving them the access to tracking their solar production and how much energy their home is using. The energy bank will be added to Solo February 1.

To hear more about all the advantages of the Energy Bank, click here to view the full SolarEdge Evolution presentation below.

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Enphase IQ8 Rollout

Enphase’s IQ8 is the industry’s first grid-forming microinverter and is 1000x faster than the IQ7! This technology has the ability to power essential appliances, during daytime outages, even without a home battery. When combined with Enphase storage, this will enable full power from your solar system to use in your home and charge your battery. Here comes the cool part: the genius of these microinverters is how they connect to each solar panel on the roof but work independently, so if one panel fails, the system keeps working!

Hear more about the new IQ8 microinverter from Spencer Rosen and Allison Johnson of Enphase here:

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Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial provides a network of multiple capital partners allowing the ability to create competitive pricing, provide attractive APRs, optimized approval rates, and reduced reliance on any one capital provider. As of January 14, Sunlight has provided lowered dealer fees for loan options leveraged by Powur Consultants.

Sunlight in partnership with Powur also offers a completely expanded support for you: The Powur Support Hotline. This is your custom direct phone line for all things support, resolving all stipulations in real-time consistently and efficiently. Coming Soon: Sunlight Maxx™ for Solar…stay tuned, this will be live in Solo at the end of the month.
Hear from Tony Jimenez of Sunlight Financial on our Powur partnership:

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Sunnova Financial

Sunnova is a leading national residential solar company, delivering unparalleled service and providing more choices and access to clean, affordable and reliable energy with customized options to fit any home and budget. 25 years of protection?! Yes! From energy guarantee, to monitoring, maintenance, repairs and replacements, Sunnova’s got you covered!

Hear from Mark Delaney of Sunnova about their wonderful offerings for you here:

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REC Group

REC is an international pioneering solar energy company with more than 25 years of solar manufacturing experience, providing homeowners with the best blend of module efficiency and maximum energy production.

Through REC, we continue to offer the Alpha Pure Series (REC400s) which utilizes hybrid, bifacial, half-cut, heterojunction cells (HJT) giving you gapless cell layout technology, industry leading temperature coefficient, 92% power guaranteed at year 25, super strong frame design and lead-free construction.

Brian Ghiglia shares what sets apart the REC Alpha Pure Series from “the herd” here:

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QCell 350 Price REDUCTION


  • The QCell 350 price has been reduced to .44 cents a watt and is available in all markets. This is the lowest price module offer you can find in the nation. If you can include the 350s in your offers, go for it! We’ve got lots of this product to move, let’s push it out!


    • In progress, will be completed in all markets 1/17/2022

Powur brand assets

We heard from our CMO Cami Boehme about all that is in store for the Powur brand. We are leveling up in all areas and our brand will reflect the full potential of the Powur platform. Powur is opportunity. Powur is change. Powur is freedom. Powur is a platform and with our new marketing team and elevated brand, we are poised for tremendous growth and impact.

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Did somebody say Tour?!?

Yes, we’re hitting that twice in this recap because it’s THAT IMPORTANT! The Freedom Tour kicks off in February and is coming to a market near you. The brand new Freedom Tour website is your go-to tool to invite guests to the tour. Don’t be the message, be the messenger and use this brand new site to build your business in these markets.

Powur Impact Report 2021

Our work matters to the world. That’s the opening phrase of our Impact Report and it is so very true. As a Public Benefit Corporation AND also a Certified B Corp, Powur is committed to more than just profit—we are committed to creating public benefit. And now you have the report to prove it!

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A NEW Calendar!!!

A NEW Calendar!!! Events are the key to success in this business – training events to stay at the top of your game and business events to share this platform with others. Keeping track of them and SHARING them just got easier with our new and improved

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Powur is …. a platform for change!

All weekend we heard from YOU about what the Powur brand represents. You answered the call from CMO Cami Boehme to put our brand into words and we LOVED seeing your videos. Freedom, Synergy, Impact, Family, Change, Innovation, Disruption … these are just some of the words we heard. We’ll be releasing all of your individual videos soon, but for now share this beautiful montage of what Powur means to YOU!

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Operations & training

We’re continually evolving in the way we operate as a platform and our 5 day installation is a testament to that. To ensure we keep our momentum going, our team has evolved our training certifications so that whether you’re just starting out in the solar industry or you’re a solar veteran, you can continue to uplevel your game!

Operations Vision 2022

Wow! COO Ethan Miller showed us all why we are in a better position operationally than we have ever been. Put simply, he shared his philosophy that the most important responsibility of operations is TO ACCELERATE GROWTH. His roadmap starts with a project services transformation that includes expedited in-house system design, digital permit submittals, quality assurance improvements, and improved partner install services that will lead to more efficiency, shorter cycle times and ultimately happier customers. Not to mention new markets, new products and more services. The proof is in the pudding and we are already seeing our highest Net Promoter Scores ever. There’s never been a better time to share Powur with customers and seller. Period.

Seller Training Enhancements

We are growing rapidly and it’s time to evolve when it comes to training! Charles Thompson shared the new plan for new, interactive, solar-focused certification. Our training will be split into three Tiers—reflecting the three Tiers of opportunity for sellers on the Powur platform. Tier 1 certification will be live this week. Tiers 2 and 3 will come in February and March. Stay tuned for specific communications and training as this evolution of our training continues to roll out.

Evolution at a glance

Wow, where do we even begin? On Evolution Day 1, We had the solar industry's top innovators in one (virtual) room forecasting the future (hello microgrids) and reminding us that we need to bring regulators on our side. On Day 2, we had the legendary Paul Hawken remind every one of you that YOU are putting in the legwork to regenerate this planet…it’s up to us! These seminars were the catalyst in our evolution for 2022. Missed the panel or keynote? Well, we’ve got plans to do a rebroadcast of both the Executive Leadership panel and our Keynote conversation. Stay tuned for details!

CEO & Leadership Panel

Hosting this exclusive panel was Paul Winnowski, previously the President & COO of Sunrun and Powur Board of Directors member, who brings more than 20 years of experience leading massive corporations in highly competitive markets. Joining Paul on this CEO & Leadership panel were: Raghu Belur, Co-founder and Chief Products Officer, Enphase; Paul Stephan, Chief Business Development Officer, GoodLeap; John Berger, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova, and our very own, Jonathan Budd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Powur. This dynamic panel brought their ‘A’ game when talking about the future of solar, the fight against utilities, technology and industry updates and making sure consumers have the choice to do what they want with their own energy. Raghu B. on the NEM fight: “This whole thing is complex. If you don’t think it through, we could lose 60,000+ jobs. There were so many holes in the proposal presented, but what’s really vital now, is getting involved and engaged. Every one of us needs to voice our opinions. This is a 125-year-old industry, they have their way of doing things, but we need to help them understand. Get out there and be loud!” Paul S. on possible supply issues with loans and our salespeople: “Loans are fine, don’t seem to have supply issues here. As long as we do responsible lending, we will continue to be good. What’s the right interest rate? Are dealer fees too high? We have to tackle needs vs. want and educating our salespeople will transform the work we do.” John B. on the importance of servicing customers right: “We are a service provider first, then we provide financing. We sit with the customer to figure out what’s best for them. Post-installation, we take care of them for 25 years, because in reality - things can break. We want to grow this industry and we want them to feel comfortable to sign their friends and family up for solar services as well.” Solar is transforming to a complete energy system. Whether it be through microgrids, supplying our own manufactured batteries, or pushing for positive policy changes that will benefit this industry - this is the time to get our act together, because change is coming. We should be able to collaborate, even with utilities, to be the most energy efficient, carbon friendly system in the world.

Paul Hawken, Keynote Speaker

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, and activist who has dedicated his life to environmental sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. During our conversation with Paul, he recalled pushing through with publishing his book when his publishers had doubts, and the “market wasn’t looking for another climate book.” But he pushed through until someone recognized its importance to our society. Paul pointed out that regenerating our earth and economy is deeply rooted in tapping into who we innately are.

Powur 2022 Business Plan

Do you know the four freedoms? Time. Location. Financial. Inner. This is what Powur is all about! Several of our top leaders reinforced Powur’s Business Plan as a tool to keep you engaged, empowered and constantly growing. We encourage you to download the 2022 Business Plan. Even Charles Thompson shared and while he hasn’t used this that much before, he’s completely committed to keeping it top of mind in 2022! Make the commitment today!

Awards & highlights

Andrea Budd is our COA (Chief Operating Angel) who helped lay the foundation and prepare Powur to be able to grow to where it is today.

This award was created to honor her dedication, commitment and love for all the stakeholders in this company. Andrea’s dream was to go to Paris which she did not achieve personally, but she will through the Andrea Budd Legacy Award winners. The winner chosen was required to be an active consultant or employee on the Powur platform, and should embody our Powur Values.
We are delighted to congratulate two extraordinary individuals who keep the legacy of Andrea Budd alive, thriving and top of mind in the work they do. Please join us in congratulating Tom Cotter and Beth Robinson!

Powur’s 2021 Top Performers

Our deep dives with our Top Performers were full of expansion and inspiration. At a glance, it's easy to think the each of these individuals has a secret sauce that got them to this level. But hearing their humble beginnings and being handed their best practices shows that every consultant has the capability of earning their spot on next year's list. Let’s hear a round of applause for our 2021 Top Performers!

The big secret here is don’t give up. For every solar company, you’re going to have solar challenges.

– Jonathan Brunasso

Powur pays big money, and that opportunity is available to everyone. Opportunities always look bigger when they’re going than when they’re coming. Opportunity is right here, right now.

– JC Rangel

You have to connect with people. You have to tell them your why.

– Larry McKinney

All of my family have their businesses and are entrepreneurs…I’ve got a little bit of that in my veins…but they didn’t give me a blueprint. They threw me in and said I could sink or swim, so I swam.

– Luis Flores

This gentleman didn’t have a car so I told him to take a bike…so he would door knock with his bike and he closed many, many deals…so NO EXCUSES!

– Edgardo Gonzalez

We impact the lives of everyone we help, everyday. And not just homeowners, but consultants too in bringing them onto the team and helping them achieve freedom financially and freedom of their schedule.

– Kiara

While Evolution may have ended, the work has just begun. 

Join us in changing the world!


Get fired up!


–Powur Team