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Jonathan Budd

Another virtual convention for the books! We told you the weekend would be a game-changer … and VIRTUAL POWUR WORLD DELIVERED!

You heard exciting announcements about the latest products and features, a HUGE PLATFORM GAME-CHANGER, amazing and powerful stories from your community; awesome insights from top executives at the leading solar financing companies; a lively keynote by a top international sales guru…and so much more!

Above you’ll find my CEO Keynote, I encourage you to take the time to watch it to hear all about the state of our industry, incredible insights from research we’ve secured as part of our strategic planning, and the promising future of Powur.

Even with this being a virtual convention, you could feel the energy through each and every segment, whether training, panels, or celebration. That Zoom chat was fired up! If you weren’t on the full two days or missed a few segments, we’ve got you covered! Take a look below at your Virtual Powur World key takeaways, action items, information, and a full recap of all the amazing things we shared at the convention.

We are in challenging times, not even just in our industry, but all around us. I’ll say this – I have never been more friggin proud of this company and what you all are accomplishing. Our seasoned sellers are breaking records left and right and our new sellers are joining the platform and hitting the ground running!

What I do know is that our work is nowhere near done, my friends. The mission is never complete because we all have a responsibility to make sure people will always have access to clean and renewable energy. Even if legislation or laws change the way that may look, it will still always be the best option for this planet and our future generations.

Use the tools from this convention to ignite a fire within. And make sure you store some of that energy away for our in-person Powur World, this September in San Diego!

You’ve got the vision…now it’s time to build!

Game On!
Jonathan Budd


We are a platform for change, innovation, purpose and so much more. We are constantly evolving and innovating to bring new game-changing features, product enhancements, and benefits to the platform. Virtual Powur World gave us our BIGGEST lightning strike to date with the launch of Powur Vision.


More than a year and a half in the making, Vision is our own proprietary proposal design and contracting system that gives us more flexibility and greater control than ever before. It is also a major differentiator for the Powur brand and helps us drive toward long-term cost improvements and operating leverage, increasing the value of Powur stock and the stability of our future. 

Your experience as a seller on the Powur platform will be significantly enhanced with this launch. You’ll be in the driver’s seat with more control over the most crucial part of the selling process. Watch the launch video for a detailed look into this amazing new system.


There’s no doubt this is a great time to be a Powur Warrior. The work you all do each day is so vital in helping to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy worldwide. As you continue to build through the Powur platform, we continue to grow and for you, this means better business, more coverage, teambuilding, and crushing your goals throughout the year! We love rolling out new features, tools, and strategies to help you reach your goals and much success! Now go out there and keep making an impact!

Powur 4MULA

Connect, Present, Close & Guide – your 4MULA to successful solar sales and team building! Watch as CMO, Cami Boehme, and Field Leader, Jim Bunch introduce you to the Powur 4MULA, a new and powerful streamlined system that any seller, leader, or team can benefit from when building your Powur business. 

Homeowner & Seller KPIs

Top Seller Charles Thompson and Field Leader Jim Bunch are taking you through the process of Key Performance Indicators, watch this video to not only be inspired but also to make clear and concise goals through your Powur Business Plan. The future is yours!

Impact Journey

What is your WHY? What impact will YOU have? We held our second Impact Journey this past November, traveling to Mexico to build a house for such an endearing and loving family, with a very touching story. We invite you to take a look at this beautiful recap video of this family and the fun time we spent in Mexico together. We hope you’ll feel yourself in this story and feel proud that you are aligned with a company that truly makes an impact! 

Work Hard 

Play Hard 

Impact Report &
New Welcome Gift

We’re excited to introduce this year’s printed Impact Report, a tool you can use to showcase the impact we have had as an organization. Available on the Powur Outlet in singles or in a ten-pack, this is your chance to share the Powur Impact Story, as a great welcome to new sellers you bring on the platform or even to your new homeowners after an installation. Additionally, we’ve introduced a BRAND NEW Welcome Kit! Take a look at this video to see the new kit and learn more about using this new and beautiful kit as you build and grow.

2022 Impact Report

The Cozy Welcome Kit

The Culinary Welcome Kit

The Deluxe Welcome Kit

Market Development Launch

Field President, Bobby Smith, had another bright idea! If you’re looking to grow, become subject matter experts in your area, and connect with your fellow Warriors on regional strategies, then the weekly Market Development meetings are the place to be! Take a look to find out how you can join and truly grow your efforts around the country.


The backbone of the Powur platform is our ability to provide a world-class experience to our customers. This couldn’t be done without a best-in-class operations team, exclusive and immersive training, and a whole host of incredible product and finance partners. Together they help us fulfill our promise to our customers to deliver the most customized and affordable solutions possible, and in turn, provide the best experience as they embark on their solar journey with us.

TPO Training

Raichail McDonald, Director of Sales Operations, does a deep dive into TPO (Third-Party Ownership), focusing on the two primary models in the solar industry: Solar Leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Take a look at this super informative session to learn more about these financing solutions.

Successful Storage Training

Chris Bunch, VP of Solar Design & Engineering, is responsible for more than 100,000 solar design projects! If you’re looking for ways to be super successful in storage energy projects, then take a look at this segment to hear the mastery behind the future of solar + storage!


Spencer Rosen, Regional Sales Manager with Enphase, is no stranger to the energy sector, and with his background there and in his current role as one of our product partners, he and his whole team work diligently to take Powur into the future! Take a look at his segment to hear about the amazing things we’ve done together and what’s next.


Jay Balatbat, is the Senior Account Manager at Sunnova, a longtime product partner of Powur’s. In his segment, you’ll hear how Sunnova is working to power energy independence! Oh, and did you know just last month Powur had its largest-grossing month EVER with Sunnova? This is the real deal!


Michelle Spina, Sales Education Manager, with SolarEdge, has been vital to our sellers and continues to deliver amazing training that will help you grow your knowledge of product offerings. In the words of Michelle, “every product on the Powur platform is the best in the industry so you really can’t go wrong with anything offered through Powur because they’re only working with the best.” Take a look!


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Jeremy Lee Miner

While Jeremy Miner is not a magician, he has the magic touch of selling, teaching a NEW model that he created from years of researching human psychology. When Jeremy first began as a salesperson, he realized all the methods he had been taught were simply ineffective. Through his studies and research, he learned to guide prospects through a much more emotional process using NEPQ, Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning. Moving his approach to this new model afforded one year of $2.4 million dollars in commission. The proof is certainly in the pudding.

His simple philosophy: “The single most effective way to sell anything to anyone in 2022, is to be a problem finder and a problem solver…NOT a product pusher.”

So, what are Jeremy’s approaches? His social media alone is like a true guidebook for sales success for big corporations and even the everyday entrepreneur. Through his Facebook and Instagram, he takes you on a journey that is surely built for anyone ready and willing to make small changes in order to make a MASSIVE difference in their results.

During Jeremy’s segment, you’ll get to hear all about selling with NEPQ, and understand that you aren’t selling the THING, you’re selling the RESULTS of what that thing does!

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of Jeremy’s newest book he co-authored, The New Model of Selling: Selling to an Unsellable Generation, to learn more about implementing advanced skills that align with human behaviors. This approach will reframe sales through the lens of neuroscience and persuasion.

Solar Sales 4MULA Connect: Breakout Sessions on Homeowner Prospecting

 It’s time to break out and build and sharpen those homeowner prospecting skills! Below you’ll find a few amazing videos of our breakout sessions, where you’ll get a deep dive into three areas of business with three of our top leaders who have been super successful in leveraging the strategies and tools their share to build dynamic solar businesses of their own.

Social Media 

Mike Winter

Door Knocking 

Gustavo Velazquez

Ambassador Program

Wally Arida


What would a Powur convention be without fantastic, expert-led panels? A few of our top leaders in Powur hosted panels covering the best practices of what truly works as they build their businesses. Pull out your notepad and a pen, you’ll walk away from these panels with strategies, tools, and so many golden nuggets!

Solar Sales 4MULA PRESENT + CLOSE: Homeowner Presentation

How about a deep dive into the homeowner presentation at each stage? Take a look at this great panel segment, hosted by Jonathan Brunasso, that includes some role-playing to help you take your presentations to the next level and close the deal.

Team Building 4MULA CONNECT: Recruiting

We all have this great opportunity to build and recruit. This panel, hosted by Edgardo Gonzalez, gives you the best tips in personalized and strategic recruiting for you to build a rock star team!

Team Building 4MULA GUIDE: Onboarding & Coaching 

Hosted by Drew Sugarman, in this panel we’re taking you deeper into utilizing the Powur 4MULA to onboard and cultivate your new team members. Coaching doesn’t stop when they sign up, that’s when it truly begins!

Solar Sales 4MULA GUIDE: Project Management Role Play

Change for the better is what we’re constantly striving for within the Powur Operations Team. Watch as Gio Nicoletti, Project Manager, and Field Leader Melissa Dawson do a great role play, giving you guidance on making the most out of your relationship with your PMs and creating a smooth, efficient process.

Solar Sales 4MULA CONNECT: Discovery Call Role Play

Field Leaders Melissa Dawson and Maureen Vincenty role play the discovery call, and when you watch this video, what are your takeaways? Get ready for some great examples of possible objections and how best to overcome them. Take a look!

Solar Sales 4MULA PRESENT: Homeowner Presentation Role Play

The appointment is confirmed and now it’s go time! Watch this role-play segment with field leaders Cynthia Alvidrez and Drew Sugarman as they explore the homeowner presentation. This is such a critical stage with your customer, and what better way to learn how you can do even better than with one of the best presenters from the field?


This year, more than 70% of our content was from you, our amazing field. We wanted you involved and to feature some of our top-earning warriors, giving them the opportunity to share their stories. We heard about their inspirational journeys, the transparency of their challenges, and of course, how the Powur platform has changed their lives for the better.

Each Powur Talk is unique in its own way, and the takeaways will be many. So, take a look, we know you’ll be inspired.

The Powur of Mastery in Life & Business

Jim Bunch

3 Things to Create a Top Producer in 2023

Joel Gossett

Defining Your Brand 

Jordan Shaw

Finalize Your Deck Like a Pro

Gustavo Velasquez

7 Steps to Building a Massive Team

JC Rangel

The Powur to Sell in Any Market

Jeffrey Martin

Winning with Batteries

Mike Patterson

Confident Mindset

Ubaldo Torres

Being Your Authentic Self

Gilberto Luigi Leon


One of the best things about our Powur World conventions is the opportunity we have to come together and celebrate all of the amazing warriors that make up our tribe. This weekend, we got the opportunity to recognize so many of your achievements since our last event in July. Please join us in congratulating all of these amazing individuals for their incredible achievements!

Recognition Day #1

Recognition Day #2

Andrea Award

Our Andrea Award—named after the incredible and irreplaceable Andrea Budd—is a way to recognize your fellow warriors who are, like Andrea, truly connected to the mission, vision, and values of Powur. During Virtual Powur World, we had the honor to present this prestigious award to two amazing individuals in our Powur family!

Did you like Virtual Powur World?

Early Bird pricing is now closed, but please check back soon for updates on locking in your spot at Powur World, San Diego, September 7-9, 2023!

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