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Join us for the most exciting solar event of 2023, as we help you take your income, growth, and success to the next level! Are you ready to be a Solar Industry Rockstar? Here’s your chance!

This is THE PLACE TO BE to get everything you need to be even more successful in the solar industry. Together, let’s shape the future of energy across the world!

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Convention Keynote

Back by popular demand!!! If you weren’t in attendance at this year’s Leadership Summit, then you’re in for a real treat! We’re bringing back our exclusive keynote speaker from Leadership Summit for EVERYONE to hear. This sales powerhouse is bringing his A-game to the stage with content ready to level up YOUR game in sales. Want to close more deals in 2023? Then you need to be here to hear from Jeremy!


Jeremy Lee Miner

Leading Sales Pro & Author

Anyone can sell, right? Yes. But not everyone can sell AND make magic, over and over again! While Jeremy Miner is not a magician, he has the magic touch of selling, teaching a NEW model that he created from years of researching human psychology.  When Jeremy first began as a salesperson, he realized all the methods he had been taught were simply ineffective. Through his studies and research, he learned to guide prospects through a much more emotional process using NEPQ, Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning. Moving his approach to this new model afforded one year of $2.4 million dollars in commission. The proof is certainly in the pudding.  His simple philosophy: “The single most effective way to sell anything to anyone in 2022, is to be a problem finder and a problem solver…NOT a product pusher.” So, what are Jeremy’s approaches? His social media alone is like a true guidebook for sales success for big corporations and even the everyday entrepreneur. Through his Facebook and Instagram, he takes you on a journey that is surely built for anyone ready and willing to make small changes in order to make a MASSIVE difference in their results. Ready to adopt the traits of a Top 1% earning salesperson? Follow these tips from Jeremy: Become detached from the outcome of the sale Use neutral language Develop the right tonality and verbal pausing Become a problem FINDER and SOLVER Raise your status in your prospect’s mind

Jeremy is the CEO of 7th Level Communications, a Global Sales Training company that introduced the New Model of Selling, focusing on bridging the gap between today’s information-age buyers and sellers. With a 17-year sales career and numerous recognitions, his 7th Level company’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, SMB companies, and even just individuals selling anything. His work sets a new standard of communication for your prospects and your personal life. After hearing about his scientific method of selling, you’ll be sure to see an increase in your success and results. It’s time to level up!


Jonathan Budd

Founder & CEO

Bobby Smith

Field President

Charles Thompson

Executive Field Leadership

Cami Boehme

Chief Marketing Officer

Jim Bunch

Summit Emcee & Field Leader

Ethan Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Smoker

VP, Customer Operations

Raichail McDonald

Dir. of Sales Operations

Edgardo Gonzalez

Field Leader

Jonathan Brunasso

Field Leader

William Contreras

Field Leader

JC Rangel

Field Leader

Melissa Dawson

Field Leader

Luigi Leon

Field Leader

Ubaldo Torres

Field Leader

Joel Gossett

Field Leader

Jordan Shaw

Field Leader

Cynthia Alvidrez

Field Leader

Tom Cotter

Field Leader

Jeffrey Martin

Field Leader

Chris Brunasso

Field Leader

Jabari Sadler

Field Leader

Raysa Santiago

Field Leader

Rob Santiago

Field Leader

Maureen Vincenty

Field Leader

Drew Sugarman

Field Leader

Mike Winter

Field Leader

Gustavo Velasquez

Field Leader

Mike Patterson

Field Leader

Moises Garip

Field Leader

Garrett Mendelsohn

Field Leader

Wally Arida

Field Leader


Ask anyone who has attended a Powur event. Check out this gallery from some of our game-changing, world-class events and DO NOT MISS Virtual Powur World this March!


From new product rollouts and updates to industry leaders, a top solar and sales guru, and so much more. This is so much more than a virtual convention!

LIGHTNING STRIKES! Can you say game-changing? Just one of our major announcements will leave you in awe. Trust us, this one is BIG!

TRAINING! Did you see that speaker line-up?!? Hear from the absolute best solar pros and level up your game for 2023 and beyond! 

JEREMY! Need we say more? This keynote speaker is one for the record books. Come with pen in hand and ready to LEARN and then go DO!  

COMMUNITY! Get recognized for your achievements and be inspired by the success of the top performers on the platform

ROLLOUTS! We collaborated with our top field leaders in January and now is the time to rollout new systems, training and tools – designed by your very own leadership! 

VISION! Hear from Jonathan Budd about the vision for Powur and how we are poised to keep smashing records and continue innovating. 

This event is for ALL active sellers on the Powur platform. As a virtual event, registration is INCLUDED in your platform fees and there are no additional costs to attend. We will be streaming LIVE from our state-of-the-art 360-degree Powur Studio in Carlsbad, California. Once you register, you will be able to access the convention on both days, through your Powur.Live account.

 If you are deeply committed to your excellence and growth, to accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy worldwide, and to helping more homeowners and team members than ever before, then make the decision to join us March 3 & 4. 

BONUS! Invite your guests on March 2 for an exclusive preview and business presentation event. This event is open to ANYONE and will be streamed live from the studio. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase the Powur platform to your friends, family, contacts in the real estate space, contacts in the sales community, solar professionals, roofers, and more. Who do you know who could benefit from the Powur platform and be part of our mission-driven community of professionals? 

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